Amanda Lynn & Lady Mags

This gallery features a work-in-progress collaboration between muralists Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags.
The mural is located in the parking lot on Duboce Avenue at Stevenson Street.

Photographer’s Note: I began to photograph this mural since it’s initial outline appeared on the second week of February. Over the next two months I would stroll by the mural often, eager to see if any additional work had been done since my previous visit. Sometimes I would make new photos even if no additional work had been done since my last visit, just to capture the “look” of that day’s particular light.


Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags title panel

unfinished mural by Amanda LynnAmanda Lynn artworkclose-up on Amanda Lynn muralmural at Duboce and Stevenson mural

wide view of new mural by Amanda Lynn

Owls by Amanda Lynn and Lady Magsmural in progressmural b Amanda Lynn in progress

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