Street Art on Balmy Street

As an outdoor mural gallery, Balmy represents civilization at its best; by acknowledging our past, we can best build our future. By not forgetting our mistakes, we’re more capable of not repeating them.


The political and historical nature of the street art at Balmy (and generally around the Mission District) opens our perceptions to a world we’re largely taught to ignore through escapist technology and our isolationist culture.

With a more relaxed and friendly “street life” than other locations, Balmy is a good place to explore the subtle nuances of outdoor art… the way sunlight and shadow affect color, the added element of real-life interacting with the murals, the incorporation of garage doors and fences into the background texture of the works.

Public murals and urban art come to life at Balmy… A first visit to this free museum is always special, but never as special as coming back for more.

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