Street Art on Caledonia

Sometimes walking into Caledonia from 15th Street feels like stepping into a different world…

This is San Francisco without the glitz and shine. … and even though I’m quite fond of this generally ignored small strip of urban expressions… the mood is dark and gloomy, and even on a warm day there’s the possibility that you’ll feel cold… or maybe you’ll feel the need to take off your jacket on a cold day… concepts of reality may not always apply on Caledonia.


Here you’ll find not just graffiti and stencil art but religious and political murals, and the often troubling feeling that you’ve left civilization somewhere in the rear-view mirror… yet here you are, two blocks away from the BART Station on 16th and Mission…

Don’t be surprised if you notice signs of extreme poverty, or someone offers to sell you drugs… there’s often something more than art going on here, something spiritual and desperate… maybe even legal… and although the street is safe enough during the daytime, you may feel otherwise for reasons outside my own ability to explain or comprehend.


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