Street Art in The Tenderloin

"Untitled" by Lou Silva
Polk Street, Between O'Farrel and Olive

whale mural by Lou Silva on Polk Street

Jimmy Stewart discovered his agoraphobia by chasing a criminal across Tenderloin rooftops in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” Almost twenty years earlier, John Houston’s “The Maltese Falcon” was based in the same neighborhood, although recent geographic slicing has left Dashiell Hammett’s place (the same address shared with Sam Spade – 891 Post Street) just outside current borders.

Before there was a Castro District, gay San Francisco could count on The Tenderloin as a place for gathering energy and support, with many watering holes in which to find a friendly ear.

Polk Street mural

whales mural

whales mural on Polk at Olive

On Olive Street...

Olive Street whales

Whales mural on Polk

whales and shark mural in San Francisco

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