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Amanda Lynn stret art at Clinton Park

This site exists to document and celebrate the rich street art tradition that can still be found along the streets of San Francisco, one of the few cities in the Western U.S. with a true international flavor and a substantially varied and diverse population.

And yet when you think of The City, you may only recall the myriad of beautiful images showing the Golden Gate Bridge, or those beautiful postcards of flowery Lombard Street and the Cable Cars on California Street.

Unknown to many is the fact that The City features more murals and street art installations than you’re likely to see in any U.S. city, and yet, unless you’ve lived here, most of what you see and hear regarding San Francisco has been carefully arranged to promote the image of a beautiful and sophisticated international city where you can come and spend your money; the shopping, the nightlife, the restaurants. All of it is true, of course. They’ve just left out some of the non-traditional beauty often reserved for locals and the very curious.

Welcome to the hidden San Francisco.

This site will attempt to document as much street art, graffiti and vandalist-art currently grazing public and outdoor spaces as possible. These attractions are available for all to admire, marvel at, be insulted by or just entertained, without the admission price.

Here you can also explore the contradiction that is our most recent aversion to and criminalization of street art when it is called graffiti.

Tread carefully, have fun and fight the white wall!

About The Author

Jerry A. Sierra has been a photographer since about the time he held his first camera as a teenager, but has never written anything you might call graffiti on anything you might call a wall. He can’t draw and his handwriting sucks, but he’s secretly known as the “speed racer” of keyboard jockeys.

Jerry began to appreciate street art after he moved to San Francisco twenty years ago and embraced public transportation. He’s been quoted as saying that “life’s completely enriched when you don’t have to remember where you parked your car.”

Walking and using MUNI to get around The City allowed him to eventually discover the beauty of proper graffiti and the mural works of Aaron Noble and Amanda Lynn and Lango and Rigo and Nora Caron, and many others, and he fell completely in love with the streets of San Francisco.

The love story continues to this day.

You can learn more about Jerry at jerrysierra.com.

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On Copyrights and Permissions

All photographs shown in this site are the sole property of Jerry A. Sierra and may not be used in any existing or emerging media without prior written approval. The murals are the property of the artists who created them and only they can approve their use in commercial enterprises.

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